The Lost Art of Thinking

This book is dedicated
to whomever happens to be reading it.

Like a tree falling silently in a forest -
it can only exist
when it touches another mind.

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Once upon a time, it was a more gentle time, and although they labored long and hard to be able to provide for their needs, people had something called "time". Basically, this was a space that fell between events, during which they did a silent, private activity called "thinking".  In this inner exercise, they sorted events and experiences which belonged to past, present, and future, and brought them a feeling that they didn't even know was "inner peace". They didn't know it because they had never missed it.

This booklet is designed to assist the reader with the process of reviewing and taking control of the life that they are leading, with the presumption that this is the primary activity that can create the effect known as inner peace. This booklet assumes that you want to think.  Nothing written in words can make you desire thought. It presumes you have the courage to think, that is a personal strength that must come from within. It is my deepest wish for you that your absolute conviction of the value of truth itself is already a driving force in your life, and that you have chosen, or will choose to live in the pursuit of truth.


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